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Up Tourism & Marketing was established by Ella Pressburger in 2012, MA Business management, specializing in marketing at Ben Gurion University.

After graduating from university Ms. Pressburger   built a total marketing and sales system  from the strategic stage until its implementation; in practice for 12 years.


2012 Ms. Pressburger established her owned business- Up Tourism &Marketing to revive, develop & promote the tourism business in the Israeli Jezreel Valley.

The strategy is to pull customers instead of pushing them, using exciting content. Therefore, a new brand was born- "Emek Dream" which provides unique activities & things to do with amazing local hosts in the Jezreel Valley  ,together with people who made their dreams come true.


The tourism industry is very competitive because it is a very profitable sector. Competition increases from year to year

Ella believes that the way to succeed is through strategic work that includes building an exciting vision, building a strong and valuable customer experience, and only then focused & integrated marketing and sales work.

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My Story

My name is Ella Pressburger, and I'm so glad to have you here.

I'm a manager of a social-tourist project that I have created called 

"emek-dream". The meaning of the word- emek is valley, and in this project, We connect groups from abroad and also from Israel through local and authentic stories in the valley. Through stories you  learn so much information about the society and the variety cultures of Israel.

So now I'm gonna tell you a little bit about my story.

I was born and raised by two lovely parents in Beer Sheva which is the capital city of the desert.

My parents moved to Beer Sheva as immigrants from Europe. their parents 

were  a holocaust survivors, so the environment I was surrounded by,

was overprotective and anxious.

My parents passed me a hidden message, that the world is a hustle place and that I  always need to be on the safe side and in the comfort zone and not to take any risks or challenges.

When my husband and I were a young couple with our first daughter, we choose to create our own environment according to our own believes for our family. We choose to live in a Kibbutz because it gave me safe and free environment for me, and for my daughters to live in, that I didn't had before in Beer Sheva. 

Now I choose to be surrounded in my work, with people that live according to their dreams and not according to their fears.

In order to live as close as I can to my heart and dreams, I'm doing yoga and meditation that helps me to reduce the noises around me and listen to my deepest self.

Thank you!

Ella Pressburger


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