Valley kibbutz tour

kibbutz-Ein HaShofet

Ein HaShofet is the is the offspring of two 18-20 year-old Hashomer HaTzair Zionist groups from Poland and North America who decided to make aliya to Israel and after a period of acclimatization and preparing themselves to start a new settlement, joined up and settled a new kibbutz in the Menashe Hills on July 4, 1937.

Because the American contingent was the first American settlement in Israel, the kibbutz decided to name itself Ein HaShofet – the Spring of the Judge – the judge being Louis Brandeis, the American Supreme Court Judge and an ardent Zionist. A walk through the kibbutz to get the feeling of what constitutes a kibbutz.

A comprehensive tour - guided by a Kibbutz member- Ishay Huberman.

Ein Hashofet of our days - The big lawn and the Kibbutz center, the dining room (a look from the outside), historical trees and buildings, environmental sculpture, shared bathroom and a former bakery that turned into a clothing storage room and offices.

The old "Hatzar Meshek" - the Barn and the Slik.

The modern "Hatzar Meshek" - a tour (Dairy farm, Cattle fattening farm, Factories).