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The "Slik" and secrets in Ein HaShofet

During the British rule of Palestine it was decide in 1945 to open an arms cache (slik) where the illegal weapons that were on the kibbutz for self defense would be hidden. The story of the clandestine cache, the secrecy and the contents were "rediscovered" in 2009 and now is open to the public. The visit includes a 'blow by blow' talk by one of those who 'rediscovered' the cache, a video of the discovery and a viewing of the weapons and ammunition that was found.

The Silo.

This round granary was used until the 1970's to store the grains of the kibbutz's agriculture and today has been modified as an art gallery and center for different events on the kibbutz.

Visit one or both art studios of "StudioYonat" and "Leah Ceramics". Yonat is a prominent children's books illustrator who also has interesting ways of sign-making and mandelas.

A meeting with an illustrator

Leah is a ceramic artist with some interesting pieces including 'Hamsahs'

A visit to the archaeological museum

A visit and tasting of the kibbutz milk products (cheeses, yoghurts, ice-cream etc) and "Dolcheche" the local bakery shop (cakes & cookies)

Galgamani workshop:

A unique workshop that produces Buddhist-Tibetan prayer wheels using modern technology. The workshop was set up by a couple living in the Kibbutz, and a visit to the place is a rare experience

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