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Jalila Mazariv – Beit Zarzir

When thinking of Bedouin communities, you may think of deserts, tents and camels. But that is far from today's reality.

Visit Jalila in her home in Beit Zarzir and listen to stories about women in the Bedouin community in general and about her life in particular. Not only is she an educated, working, single mother – she is also a feminist who decided to take social responsibility and is changing the way women in her community think and live.

Although the Muslim religion allows polygamy, when Jalila's husband took another wife, she decided to leave him and raise her 3 children alone. This was unheard of in the community.

In Arabic, the word Jalila means Powerful and she could not have been given a better name.

Listen to her stories while drinking coffee, or enjoy a delicious culinary experience with all the unique Bedouin tastes and spices.

Cooking workshop-

During the workshop we will preper traditional food and of course eat together.

Duration of workshop 3 hours

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