Meeting with a start-up company

Meeting with a start-up company or meeting with the founder of the start-up in Mishmar haemek.

high-tech enterprise "IDEA Information System", which is entirely the product of a kibbutz member's initiative during his studies at the Technion. The enterprise is very successful and employs many kibbutz members. After the visit to IDEA there will be hot drinks and cookies.

Next we will go to the kibbutz's large plant "Tama" that currently occupies 8 production sites on 4 continents.

We will see a promotional movie and receive an explanation about this successful industry, which is managed in a socialist way.

At the end we will hear about the contribution of the kibbutz to Israeli society, which has been going on for many years.

Our guests will receive a brief explanation about the nature of the cooperative kibbutz, where everybody participates equally in investments and distribution of the profits.