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Gan HaShlosha National Park – Sahne

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Water temperature 28°C, all year round.

Lawns, shaded areas, lifeguarding services, bathrooms and showers.

It is highly recommended to combine bathing and swimming in the schnaah if you also want to combine a visit The Sachne's Footprints in the Valley Museum offers an educational-ideological experience of the cultures that have lived throughout time along the river—from ancient times over 5000 years ago to the era of pioneers who came here to resettle the Valley.

Very close to the city of Beit Shean and the Beit She'an National Park

This beautiful nature reserve, Park of the Three (Gan HaShlosha) is named in memory of 3 Jewish pioneers who were killed by a land mine in 1938. Take a swim in the hot springs (28ºC) any time of year, enjoy a guided tour of the grounds, or wander around the special museum:

Footprints in the Valley Museum

This unique museum, divided into two sections, presents archaeological footprints from the time of King Solomon and the bible up until the arrival of Zionistic pioneers in Israel.

1. King Solomon Archaeological Artifacts

Decades ago, when renowned artist Daniel Lifschitz moved to Israel, Kibbutz Nir David started to build a dedicated house for his unique archaeological collection, that included findings, from Egypt, Persia, Greece, the Etruscan civilization, and many other places.

While digging the foundations, the construction workers suddenly came across remainders of an ancient village. It is these artifacts that are exhibited today in the Footprints in the valley museum, together with Daniel's collection.

Expert archaeologist and lecturer Dror Segal will take you on a wonderful tour of this museum, showing you the various artifacts, including an urn from the time of King Solom, and providing riveting explanations.

2. Tower and Stockade

In the 1930s, a group of Zionistic pioneers began building Jewish settlements in the heart of swamps and hostile populations. Today, this would have been called a startup. They built each tower and stockade in advance, and on a certain night, before sunset, the pioneers positioned them in a certain location. By the following morning, a new town was established.

The first such place to be built in Israel was in what is now known as Gan HaShlosha.

The museum presents a spectacular 3D replica of the settlement, providing visitors with a first-hand experience of what it meant to be a pioneer in Israel. You will feel like you are actually hopping onto a truck, building a tower, and even taking part in a gun battle.

3. Guided Tours

You can also book a guided tour of Gan Hashlosha to see how different cultures lived in this area over the century. Antique Roman aqua-theater, flour mill and more. Hidden caves.

Private evening event- including use of swimming facilities and amphitheater.


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