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Kibbutz Harduf

Join Arnon Duvdevani on a tour of this unique kibbutz that believes in giving back to nature and society. The kibbutz members live according to the anthroposophical philosophy (Rudolf Steiner) working to create a social change and make the world a better place.

Visit the social gallery filled with beautiful artwork created by people with special needs. Ceramics, paper, textile, jewelry and so much more.

Harduf opened its doors and hearts to adults and children who needed a place to live and recover. Touring these curative and rehabilitative initiatives will fill your heart with energy and the desire to give.

Take a look at the happiest cows you will ever see, organically fed based on the Harduf method that is used in dairy farms across Israel. Hand-feed the hens with organic corn, gather warm eggs, and take lots of photos to show your friends back home. Don't worry about getting your shoes dirty – there are special boots for you to wear.

Last but not least, make a delicious and healthy home-made meal from freshly-picked organic produce grown in the Harduf Home Garden and the eggs you gathered yourself. What more could you ask for?!

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